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A new month, a new 30 day meme.

Here's the challenge, each day for the next month, write a blog in letter form to the following people:

Day 1 — Your Best Friend
Day 2 — Your Crush

http://www.urbandictionary.com defines crush as "someone who you find very attractive and extremely special." and I have been thinking about this all day, I really want a specific person to help me focus my writing... but after going through my recent Notebooks and combing my fandoms, no 1 person has come up with too many people i find 'attractive' and 'extremly special' for different reasons, from different places, times, shows,

but i think, there are a few someones out there in fandom who I owe a lot of my 'type' to :D and so Day 2 is to them

♥ ♥ ♥

Willow Rosenberg:
for being your geeky, odd, soon to be magical self,
you were my reason for watching Buffy, when you came on screen properly in "Welcome to the Hellmouth." with your "why... i mean HI." and we finally got a good look at you my jaw would not retract for what seemed like ever :O
you were in most aspects someone i could relate to, i wasn't popular like Chordelia, or "the good looking one." like buffy, but i didn't care, i had my own flag girl :D and when you decided to try your hand at Wicca, omg!
for better or worse I was outed to the village snitch by looking at a poster of you with your bobbed hair and going "oh my god she' got hotter." or something along those lines.

What can i say Pet? the one thing me and Spikey agree on is you.
prophetic, psychotic, and totally gorgeous, you are my kind of undead girlfriend :F,
Even when you killed the only decent slayer there was ever going to be in Kendra i couldn't fault you, though i still have to look away when you rip her throat out, and when you kiss Angel/us,
you were one of the first of my lovle for for Phsyco, Deadly babes,

i still remember vividly that stormy night, when Chloe got lost looking for Bluebell the calf, and Patsy and Paul were sulking in their beds worried she was dead and then, out of the storm ... there you were, golden skin, the most amazing plaitted hair i'd/ve ever seen (including Ambers Zulu's)
i still love little Chloe's introduction of you to the mall "everyone this is Tai-San, Tai-San, this is everyone"

Whenever i have to describe my muse's i always think of you, if it wasn't for you, and ofcourse little Patsy i don't think i'd have written a jot, so. thank you Tai-san "spaced out hippy." of the Mall Rats

Denny Blood and Shaz Wiley, better known as Shaz & Denny
2 girls who count as 1,
i never thought i'd fall for a 'normal' type till Den and the Shaz came on screen in Bad Girls,
not exactly the perfect romance, but the first couple i've ever really liked, my OTP for Bad Girls, and the best OTFP of a uk show so far in my op.
i don't know what to say really, well, i guess i do, cos i owe Shaz for more than just her Sheffield accent and good looks, i owe her for intro'ing me to a song that would lead to one of my fave bands now, because Scarborough Fair meant nothing to me, till i heard Shaz strummin that guitar in series 4
Love you baebes ♥♥♥♥

and last but by no means least: (and i know some people are going to want to kill me for this) 
Eve Myles
thats EVE MYLES, not GWEN COOPER, though Gweny does have her moments :D
what can i say to/about Evey, well... for starts THANK THE GODDESS, i was beggining to think all the best looking women were from the baltics and Japan (and Europe not forgetting Lacuna) till i saw Eve in Day 1, she is... funny, gorgeous, a great actress, and... theres something i'm missing... oh yeah, WELSH, shes a Welsh beauty, :D simply that,
though her TW charectar can infuriate and bore me at times, that just proves how much of an amazing actress she is, because when you meet her (and i have) shes perfect,


i know i said Eve was the last, but i caa Special mention on this list of crushes to a new band i've recently got very into:
IndiaIndica : Jonsu, Heini, Sirkku, Jenny, Laura Thank you for making music Sexy again

There are so many more girls i could write to and about, and there is even a boy, but i'd be here all night ;D, 
no 1 woman sums me up :D or the women I like :D

Day 2----- your crush

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 30 Days of letters
Day 1 – Your best friend

Dear…. Non exsistence entity,
The term best friend puts too much enphasis on the need you put on a specific person to hold you up when you can’t do it yourse,f giving someone that amount of power over you, gives them the ability to throw you down and kick sand in your face,
If they’re the ones holding you up, whats stopping them from moving and sending you crashing to the rocks below?P

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried the “we’ll be best friends forever.” Candy cane sugar rubbish when I was younger, and you know what? I’m still pulling the fragments of Whitby cliff side out of my back (not literally)
The person in question was there I thought at my side for a very long time, but when they decided it was no longer useful for them to be my friend/ got bored, and found a new piece of tail he dropped me… that wasn’t the worst thing, the worst thing was that he didn’t drop me completely, he kept me hanging, “oh we’ll still hang out.” “I’ll still be around.” “ENTER GENERIC FRIEND ASSURANCE STATEMENT.” You get the picture,
I look back now and you know what? I didn’t register this for over 2 years, till I got faced with what a real friend was like, I’d spent 22 years living by an old definition that now only applied to me not to the person in question, I like to think I’m an honourable and Loyal girl, but it wasn’t till I discovered how cold my ‘friend’ had become that I realised the only person I owed my loyalty to in the two of us was me.

I mean When you defend someone to everyone who speaks ill of them, stand by them through some pretty ugly times and put up with their less tactful friends and… taste in rather plastic women you expect similar behaviour….HA!.
I bet I sound like a right evil overly Emo whiney b*tch “oh my lifes been so bad, I’ve had no real friends” But I’m not, I’m not even saying that, the ‘best’ friend thing has bad connotations to me now, and when something like this comes up I do tend to rant a little sorry,

BUT I hasten to add that thanks to Fandom and Bandom (namely of a certain Newport band) my faith in the friendship system has been somewhat restored so if any of my RL or Flist are worried I’m faking when I call them friends you can relax

For this first of the 30 letter Meme I’m calling out my REAL friends:

Em, Abi &Victoria, Angie & Kaz, Sam, Alex, Julliette, Becca, Megz, Tu, Kacey, Nem, Leanne &Lauren, Jade, Andy, Sharon, Yvonne, Natasha, Birgit, Estela, Natalie, Christel, Heather to name but a few…
What more can I say but? 2 things and I hope you take them well.
1. You are all insane :D in many different way, and I am glad of that fact, I have never laughed so much in my life as I do at cons and gigs with you guys
2. as well as being Insane, you all… well there isn’t a word for it, rock, rule, are awesome doesn’t seem to cut it.
I don’t get mushy, so lets say , that I am aware that I weird and sometimes even freak people out at times, but you guys see past the strangeness because you are all as strange as me :D. and I thank you for that more than I could in words

I Adore and am ever so gratefull for and to all my friends from all over, who I’ve met @ gigs, Whitby, Cons, FB and LJ but a special musketeer style, hats doff and bow has to go to Ms 
a_lanart [profile] aeron_lanart in all her forms who threw a T-shirt at me on our first meeting and brought me out of my corpse shell :D 

Dear[profile] aeron_lanart 
a_lanart (in all your forms   ;} )
I owe you most of the last 2/3 years, as well as a hell of a lot more in kind, *G* you showed me that being big and insane wasn’t something to be ashamed of, and finally (though as force of habbit I do say it) that being 5,5.5 is nothing to complain about…

great I’m supposed to be a writer and just when I need them to thank my friends words and my muses do one on me :D, okay if I can’t be as decorative with this as my dear Oscar or Lord Byron I’ll do it the easy way: to put into perspective just how cool Aeron is (for those odd few who don’t know)

• I am 25 and I had never got properly 100% drunk before until Aeron and I attended Hub 3 in 2009 :D

• I had a unusual problem with Trains till Aeron took me to Cardiff for my 25th to see Mr Barrowman in panto last year.

• The majority of my final years work that earned me my 2.1 in Uni is thanks to Aeron, but one in particular, “Amanda’s” which was later changed to “Alices,” so it wasn’t too obv who I based the matriarch on, came of a random outing with Aeron around her City, I’d never even heard about the Liverpool Blitz before let alone know how… sounds wrong to say cool, so I’ll say how Interesting it is/was.

• This last year or so I’ve been to 7 BG gigs, seen Pro-jekt Lacuna Coil, The Birthday Massacre, Obsessive Compulsive, John Barrowman and William Control (the last of who my old friends would never even consider going to see or even listen to) gone to Cardiff twice, been to 3 Conventions and its all thanks to Aeron

• I‘m getting used to the fact that every time in her car a song comes on her player that catches my ear. now 9.31gb of my external hard drive is now full of music shes given me :D or got me into so I’ve gone looking for, in about 15 yrs of being friends, ‘the one who isn’t worth naming so I won’t use a Harry Potter quote for them” traded 0 bands with me

• Speaking of music, Aeron has given me a new respect for some of the bands that founded the gothic movement in the 80s, most recent of these is The Damned,

So for all this, and so much more, to Aeron and all my friends I do something I very rarely do

*sends virtual hugs*
and remember


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