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Title: Untitled
Fandom: Highlander/True Blood
Pairing: pre slash Kenzie (OC)/Eric
Characters:Kenzie, Eric, Chow
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Summary: .. AU fleeing a bad break up of his two century relationship Immortal Kenzie has landed a job at Fangtasia working for on/off lover viking vampire Eric Northman and has after a encounter with 2 unknown Immortals finally opened up to Eric about the in and outs of being a fangless Immortal
Disclaimer: only charectar i claim ownership of is Kenzie.
Author Note: un betad
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“But I still don’t understand how?” Kenzie pulled himself onto a stool at the far end of the bar to Eric,
“I don’t know how to explain it in a way that won’t just confuse even you more, wheres Chow? And Pam?” Eric ignored the question
“try me.”
“Don’t strain yourself, Immortals have been trying to work that one out for longer than we’ve both been around”
“I sorley doubt it Kenzie.” Eric said passing him a glass, it wasn’t often the owner of Fangtasia played barkeep and Kenzie took it with a agreeable nod,
“so no vampire is older than you?” he asked following Eric to his ‘throne’
“there are a few,” Kenzie sat on the floor at the foot of Eric’s chair, and examined his friend
“You were a Viking right?” Eric nodded
As Eric busied himself setting up the bar for that night Kenzie tried to count the centuries in his head, he knew there were older immortals, but he’d never bothered to remember everyone’s age, would Amanda count he wondered, she had said she was old but he’d never pushed her on just how old, there were some things you didn’t ask women, even the worldly type like Amanda, when Eric finally sat down in his Throne Kenzie was certain
“without asking them directly I know at least two Immortals who pre date you, maybe three if he hadn’t been killed a few years ago.” He said closing his eyes as he thought of Darius
“Really?” Kenzie nodded continuing without taking a breath 
“One still lives in mainland Europe, somewhere in Venice last I heard, the other, well he’s got a place in France but he’s hard to pin down, likes to think of himself as a wanderer, think you met him last time you were in seacouver, looks like he’s swallowed a dictionary,” Eric remembered seeing someone who looked a bit full of himself, but the man had left almost the second Eric had arrived 
“Your friend with the nose? Said he could smell a vampire from a mile away.”
“That’s Adam.”
“so you think he’s older than me, if so, by how much?”
“now your asking, no one is really sure, last count he was going on four thousand, but he’s probably older, even he doesn’t know, he can’t even remember his first death, and that’s a pretty big thing for us”
“Well, I’ll have to meet this man if he ever comes to Shreveport, if you can pin him down.” Eric joked
“Oh he’ll come, if he knows I’m here,” Kenzie said with an uneasy laugh, remembering his last encounter with Adam in America
“you remember I told you about the cruise, with the other Immortal, Amanda?”
“well, I came straight here when we landed… well he and I didn’t part on very good terms before I left.”
Eric focused on Kenzie, the young man was looking at him, but his face had hardened,  from what he had recently learned about Immortals, the idea of an old one coming to Shreveport after his friend did not sit well
“Does he want?” Eric made a gesture to his neck, Kenzie laughed
“you mean Me? No, he’s not a hunter, I’ve only seen him really fight once, and besides, he’s good friends with my teacher, and he’d be royally pissed if he found out the old goat was after me.”
“My version of a maker I guess, if your lucky another Immortal will let you stay with them, and train you in how to… deal with what you have become, its rarer now than it was in… well, lets just say before, when I died the first time, Duncan found me on a hunting trip with one of the lairds and, well, I was a mess, but I’d been a mess before, he got me taken in as a manservant and when he left I went with him to France away from the fighting, Scotland was still a disaster at that time, I got my head together and he trained me in everything from etiquette to eating”
“Eating?” Kenzie smiled, he could still remember his first formal dinner, dousing the ambassador of Italy in port and getting whipped for it, but that was a story for another time
“Come on Eric, when you were turned could you sit in the company of a queen or prince regient without making an ass of yourself?”
“It never came up”
“Vampire, Guess not, well I couldn’t, and Duncan wanted to raise my status so I could at least pretend to be his equal, he didn’t like seeing me get whipped, even if it meant I was able to travel with him”
“How old is this teacher of yours? He sounds interesting” Eric mused, gazing over his Immortal friends head into the darkness of Fangtasia for a moment he thought he saw a familiar figure but he brushed it off as a memory brought on by their talk of teachers
“Erm… good question, last time I saw him was his four hundred and second so I’m guessing he’s almost four ten now, give or take, still looks early thirtys as you can probably guess, we don’t age.”
“And he’s friends with the older Immortal?” Kenzie nodded
“just about, its hard being friends with Adam sometines”
“theirs no heirerchy?”
“Not that I’ve ever been aware of, some Immortals attempt to use their age to get favours or freak others out, but most of the time age only comes into it if your challenged”
“Say you were an Immortal, and I challenged you, who’d win?”
“Because I’m a better fighter”
“And whys that? Because…”
“I’m older.”
“Exactly, its not an exact rule but its been proven more times than I can remember.”
Chow, the only Asian vampire Kenzie had ever met chose this time to come in the front door, from the short glimpse of the outside he let in Kenzie could tell night had fallen
“nearly opening time.” Eric sighed, he wanted to know more about the Immortals Kenzie knew, more about Kenzie himself, despite knowing the young man for well over a century Eric felt as though he was only just begging to see the real Kenzie
“ready for your first night kid?” Chow called from the door, Eric smiled, Kai got up from his place at Erics feet and cracked his neck
“as I will ever be.” He replied slyly
“so like I said, we’re pretty even in the “its complicated.” Stakes” he continued turning to Eric
“so your young, for an immortal?” Chow, who was now stood beside them looked puzzled
“is  two hundred young?” Kenzie stuck his tongue out at Chow who took that time to disappear into the store room
“Peaked your interest again have i? should I be flattered?”
“you’ve always been interesting to me Kenzie, I’m just glad I’m learning a little more about you.”
“you’ve known I was immortal since I saw you and Pam in Helsinki in the 80’s”
“yes, but I’ve never really thought about it, till I saw you at the Bon Temps Graveyard last night” Kai shuddered, being caught in the middle of another immortal’s challenge was never his favortie thing, but to have Eric there…
“Well I guess I still am pretty young in Immortal terms, when we first met I was just coming up to two hundred”
“and you decided to celebrate by punching a vampire?”
“In my defence I didn’t know you were a Viking vampire pretending to be a Nazi to hunt another vampire, all I saw was the symbol, till you put that hat on you could have been anyone”
“etiquette.” Eric Joked


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