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Ok I know I’m really really really really late with this one and your supposed to do one a day, but do you realise how hard it is to pic a favourite quote?

I’ve decided after watching all 3 series through (not specifically looking a quotes, fx re-showed everything)
that despite Wise Godric, Sarcastic Lafayette and Bill being… well Bill, that my Favorite quote belongs to Eric pre Vampire.

Now I could go with with the whole convestations between him and Godric that beings with “Ar du dod?” (are you death?) but I’ve decided, that there are 2 quotes that even outrank this ask the best

NO.1 during Erics final conversations with his men, they are talking about the gods waiting for Eric in Valhala
the Viking who is by Eric when Godric attacks asks his friend who is talking about Valhala

VIKING #1: Och Kvinnor? Kommer det att finnas kvinnor? (and women? Will there be women?

ERIC: Var jag an ar…. Det kommer alltid att vara kvinnor. (wherever I am…there will always be women)

number 2 in my favourite quotes is a bit more serious, from the same scene its Erics defiance at Godric, but I like Godrics part as well.


Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlwgkYXG4nY&feature=share whoever made the vid cut out the opening of the Flashback

GODRIC: Jag sag dig pa slagfaltet I natt, (I watched you on the battlefield last night ) Jag har aldrig sett någon slåss som du (I never saw anyone fight like you)

ERIC: Jag vill slåss med dig nu om jag kunde (I would fight you now if I could)

GODRIC: (LAUGHING) Jag Vet (I know) det vackert (Its beautiful)


The language is a mix of Google Translate and a Swedish friend on Facebook so I apologise for miss spelling anything,

But there you have it Day 4 my favourite quote(s)

Day 01- Your favorite female character

Day 02- Your favorite male character

Day 03- Your favorite couple

Day 04- Your favorite quote

Day 05- Your favorite promo for season 3

Day 06- Your favorite Lafayette/Tara moment

Day 07- Your favorite Eric/Sookie moment

Day 08- Your favorite Sookie/Bill moment

Day 09- Your favorite Eric/Bill moment

Day 10- Your favorite Sam/Sookie moment

Day 11- Your favorite Sookie Stackhouse moment

Day 12- A scene/moment that pissed you off

Day 13- A scene/moment that made you cry

Day 14- A scene/moment that made you happy

Day 15- Your OTP

Day 16- Your favorite episode

Day 17- Your least favorite episode

Day 18- Your least favorite character

Day 19- Your least favorite scene

Day 20- Your favorite villan

Day 21- Your favorite guest-star

Day 22- Your least favorite guest-star

Day 23- The character you most relate to

Day 24- The character you would like to hear/see more of

Day 25- Something that happened you wish hadn’t

Day 26- Something that hadn’t happened but you wish had

Day 27- Your idea for a future True Blood episode

Day 28- Your idea for a future True Blood character

Day 29- Your idea for a future True Blood couple

Day 30- Whatever tickles your fancy
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