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not sure if you'd call this a picspam or a pic-trickle :D

i am WAAAY overdue showing you guys some of the awesome stuff We got up to at a8 We as always being me an[profile] aeron_lanartt but this time we were joined by our other partners in crime, [personal profile] jaquedark and Heather (i've forgot your lj again babes sorry)
all our first Asylums but along the way we met [personal profile] idontlikegravy[profile] steerpikesister and her insomniac other half [personal profile] absdax all Asylum veterans

During the course of the Weekend Heather got on Stage with Misha Collins:

she and [personal profile] jaquedark and[personal profile] absdax sung Karaoke with the cast (Carry on my Wayward Son no less)

and Heather got a voicemail recorded by the devil himself for a friend of Mine who was unfortunately half way across the world at the time

I took a lift ride with Misha, but no one wants to hear about that.

Anyway, on with the pics:

the first time we met Misha and he was on twitter within no time :D

one of my favorite pictures of Misha i took that weekend, very Castiel s4

This picure has a story to it. simply put Misha Collins wants to be in Doctor Who
Heather loved this idea so much she began a Facebook campaign page: http://www.facebook.com/BringMishaColinsToDoctorWho 
though I should state we do not condone, nor did we start the over tweets to The Moff.

Mark Pellagrino (Luci) was not at all what I expected, he was so much more :D I got to ask him about Bishop (Being Human US) and i don't think he sussed that i'd not seen to the end of s2 by then.

being only in the beggining of s4, I'm not that fammiliar with young John, though I have seen an episode from further on in Season 5, but Matt had the presence to make you wanna stay and listen. 
I got up to ask about Dean and John in the younger years In his opinion but a comment about the Twilight Movies sparked me to ask Matt what he would prefer to be Werewolf or Vampire in the context of any myths or show. I swear to god he said Lycan, which threw me 1. because there are very few people who use the term Lycan and 2 because i didn't cringe at his reply, he has very Lucien like features, which I told him. 

absdax and Jaque

this is probably one of my only pictures of Mark Sheppard, and I only took it because of  his stage guest.
where Mark P impressed me Mark S...well, didn't if anything he proved talent doesn't make you a good person (this IMO only)
I asked him about his charectar in Warehouse 13 Valda who 'died' in s2... sorry if you've not seen it yet. anyway, lets just say his reaction to that and the opinion that WH13 was well written, wasn't sparkling.

here are a few pictures from my Kodak easy shoot, I brought this camera with me for the Night and general pics where as my normal camera is more... bulky, I it proved its worth :D

bit of a reverse as these are probably the first picture I took at the convention.

can you tell its Jaques first 3 day con :D

At the convention Jaque, Heather and myself debuted our Team Fem-Free Will cosplay, here are some of the best


now, granted my Dean needs a bit of Work but we had fun and I got complimented on the attempt even with hand in a plug socket hair :D
I love Heathers Sam.
a note about the last picture: it was an idea of other fans, and I did not realise Jaque really was leaning backwards, when i stepped out i let go and she fell on her ass, Cas on her Ass for some reason decided to die laughing :D

and that is Asylum 8 in a nutshell. there are more pics on my FB if your interested.
lets just say, there's no 'maybe' to weather or not we'll be going to a10, we're only not doing a9 because of a eviler demon than Luci (£)


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